Take control over your Hotel,Restaurant WiFi.
Next Imagine Hotel WiFi solution helps you improve your WiFi and guest satisfaction. Create a free wifi Internet access, software to automate guest login with room and name,understand what you can do better to improve guest satisfaction.

Today’s travelers expect excellent WiFi in every hotel. Take your WiFi to the next-level and improve quality of the Internet service, guest satisfaction and overall Hotel review rating.
Free WiFi is still King
What amenities are deciding factors when choosing your hotel?
While free Wi-Fi is a must for both business and leisure travelers, people on work trips seem to hold this amenity on a higher pedestal.
53% of guests also wish free Wi-Fi was a standard amenity across all hotels.

Self User accounts Creation
Login with Username/Password
Login with Prepaid-Codes
Traffic rate
SMS Authentication

Customizable Design/Layout
Daily data backup
Sessions statistic
Staff usage restriction
User statistic
URL-log files
Bandwidth Manager
Dynamic bandwidth allocation
MAC whitelist blacklist
Site Blocker
Multi Login
Multi Update